Various Cyber Crimes Exist

Rear View Of A Hacker Using Multiple Computers For Stealing Data In Office

Cyber Espionage is a crime that utilizes internet networks to carry out spy activities against other parties, by entering the computer network system of the target party. These crimes are usually directed against business rivals as they occur, so the perpetrators of the crime offer themselves to victims to repair the data, computer programs or computer network systems that have been sabotaged, of course, for a certain fee. This crime is often referred to as cyberterrorism. You can use a safe connection if you find out what is the best rated vpn.

There is data theft, there is also data forgery or Data Forgery. In this case, the perpetrators falsified data on important documents stored as scriptless documents via the internet. This crime is usually directed at e-commerce documents by making it appear as if there was a “typo” which will ultimately benefit the offender.

In addition, there are several other cybercrimes:

– Cracking

Crimes by using computer technology that is done to damage the security system of a computer system and usually commits theft, an anarchic act once they get access. Usually, we often misinterpret between a hacker and a cracker where the hacker himself is identical with negative actions, even though the hacker is a person who likes to program and believes that information is something that is very valuable and some that can be published and confidential.

– Carding

In cybercrime, there are also known as carding, which is transacting with other people’s credit cards. This is clearly detrimental to the victims.

– Cyber Terrorism

An act of cyber including cyber-terrorism if it threatens government or citizenship, including cracking into government or military sites. Terrorists can utilize information technology to communicate relatively more safely.

There are many more types and continue to grow along with the advancement of information technology and the internet in the world. All countries may have laws to deal with cybercrime. Broadly speaking, cybercrime is all criminal acts that use facilities or with the help of an electronic system.

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